Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twelfth Day

I went through the day like all of the past five or so days until 11:30 when we headed out to go on a field trip to the University of Rochester's Biomedical Engineering and Optics center. The sub that I got right before actually going makes what I believe my sixth free lunch, continuing the trend of half free lunches. Out of the three labs we visited I was most interested in the last lab, where the undergraduate researcher was working on growing human cells in the shape of an organ. It just fascinated me to think that we may, one day, be able to grow an entire heart or another type of organ. When I got back to the Insight lab, I continued work on the photometry. I hope to have all of the data entered by the end of Fhursday and finish the various computations by the end of this week.

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