Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sixteenth Day

Just as I thought it was over, the data entry work multiplies. Which is good thing though, at least I understand how, what and why I am doing what I am doing. In the morning, after I shared my completed spreadsheet over the network to Mark, I recieved the task of gathering images from the HST database. I got to work at that project and only yielded about 4 succesful downloads out of the 49 galaxies attempted. Following that failure, we had our astronmer meeting when I told Mark about the problem and that the 11 galaxies that he really needed were not among the 4 successful downloads. He showed me a different way to download the images after the meeting, by accessing a different database. Also, I recieved the task of downloading Radio images of the galaxies. It was definately cool to look at these "Radio Galaxies" in the radio spectrum because they showed up in all sorts of interesting shapes and intensities. I did not get to downloading the 11 optical images that Mark needs and did not finish downloading all of the radio images, that will be tomorrow morning's work.

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