Monday, July 26, 2010

Fifthteenth Day

Had to check the spelling on that title. Today I went through the data I had collected from UV and IR images of the 49 galaxies and used it to calculate the flux of the said galaxies. Mark gave me the formulas to use and I entered them into my excel spreadsheet. This data can now be used by Mark to compare the flux of the galaxies at the different wavelengths in order to classify them and support his further research into the life cycles of radio galaxies. I'm continuing to read the astronomy textbook so I can further my understanding rather than rely on regurgitation of explanations given to me. As far as the Apprentice style competition went, Kevin won the $100 gift card grand prize. Throughout the day I would help a little bit with Fallon's efforts to win or at least lead Greg and Kevin astray. It was a fun experience and definately an interesting way to spur creative thinking in regards to the future of the SCUBE project.

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