Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Day

Well, today was the first day at the RIT Imaging Science Internship. We started the day at our 8:45 meeting where we split into three groups. From there we went on a scavenger hunt around campus, resulting in a lot of misdirection and walking. After the hunt we had lunch and started to work on the movie. About one hour into the work, our computer froze. It was a Mac. We resorted to just showing the unedited video at our afternoon meeting, which showed the amounts of misdirection and walking we had that morning. It took forever to go through each video that way. I left early as Dr. Noel-Storr was not present in his office when we went to meet with him. Over all it was a fun day with minor frustrations - Mac computers - but a great start to what will hopefully become a great summer job.

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