Tuesday, July 20, 2010

eleventh day

This morning we recieved a sixteen character word to unscramble. I started the morning by trying to solve it and told the undergrads around me, who tried to help. Among the combinations my peers and I got were, "Pirate-ship-runner," "R U Happier Interns" and a long list of phrases and words that had remainders and made no sense. I gave up after a while with the hope to solve it during lunch and started back up with the photometry. During coffee, Ory told me he heard the word was "Intraprenuership". An intraprenuer a person with initiative and an industrious nature, like that of an Entraprenuer, only acting within a company. Honestly, most people should be Intraprenuers in whatever company they work. They should strive for excellence and the most efficient operation of their employer's company. The survival of their employer's company is the surviaval of their employment. On that note, I continued to work on the photometry and went to a 3:30 progress meeting with all of the astronomy research team. Tomorrow we have a field trip to the U of R and a Volleyball game, which I might play in if I get far enough with my work.

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