Friday, July 23, 2010

Fourteenth Day

Jake told us yesterday that we would recieve our next challenge before 9 AM today. Staying true to his word we got an email at 8:59 AM which assigned our teams to make a budget spreadsheet and Budget Justification by 1 PM. As Chris was helping all sorts of people and Zach didn't come in, I decided to hold off on working on the challenge until after coffee and finish the photometry in the meantime. I did end up finish entering data into my spreadsheet from APT (Aperture Photometry Tool) and started to calculate the flux of each image. After coffee I worked on the budget for about an hour and handed it in at about 12:30. During the presentations of budgets, things got heated and my group and Amy and Nick were selected as the Top two groups. Out of the four of us, Nick and I we awarded a dinner courtesy of Jake. Out of the losing groups, Kevin was "eliminated." Our next challenge was sent after that meeting, we have to come up with three new ideas for the scube and present one of them at 9:30 AM on Monday. I have quite a bit of work this weekend as it is now down to 6 from 9.

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