Monday, July 12, 2010

Fifth Day

I woke up slightly later than usual- by half and hour - so I was worried about getting to work on time as I am usually here with about ten minutes to spare. However, there were no delays on 590 and I made good time, making it here for the 8:45 meeting with minutes to spare. When I reported to the Insight Lab following the meeting, I remembered that Jake was out of town. I sent him an email with my choice of project, processing images of x-shaped, double-double, GPS and CSS galaxies, and got to work on the IDL user guides. After a while, Jake responded with an order to meet with Mark for and assignment pertaining to my project. At that point, I could not find Mark, so I continued working on IDL until about 1 pm. I meet with Mark at 1 and recieved instructions for processing images of some 50 galaxies. It is going to be a lot of work to go through all of them as it took me 1 hour to go through the first galaxy. Since Jake is out of town, there is no 5 pm meeting so I am now going to leave.

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