Thursday, July 8, 2010

Third Day

Today was devoted to learning and familiarizing myself with the IDL programming language. For about the first two hours I was shooting in the dark with the foreign nature of the language. The only other times I've used any type of programming language was html in 8th grade technology class and writing a program in Visual BASIC on my own. Both were small scale projects and neither languages are as sophisticated as IDL seems to be. Throughout the day, it became easier for me to understand the operation of IDL aswell as the help files themselves. I look forward to the challenge of learning IDL and applying it to whatever research I am attached to. At about 3:30 we had a meeting to get access to a group file, which lasted to 5 when we had our daily debrief. I left at about 5:15 from the building. Tomorrow I am pretty sure all of us Astronomical Imaging interns recieve our assignments for the summer, so I'm pretty excited.

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